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What is Carpentry Finishing and What Does It Include?

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money to get your home build or perhaps to rearrange a room. The framing is done, along with plumbing and wiring, and you’ve had professionals install a drywall inside your building. The next step is to add those finishing touches – which is where carpentry finishing comes into the picture. 

What Is Finish Carpentry

A professional who specializes in finish carpentry generally provides services that add finishing touches after everything else has been done in your house or building. The use of finish carpentry services also helps you achieve a specific aesthetic that you are aiming for in the building. 

What Does Finish Carpentry Entail

There are several services that you can get from a company that offers finish carpentry services. Some of the services include:

  • Dressing up the floor with baseboards
  • The installation of crown moldings on your ceiling
  • The installation and customization of paneling and molding on the walls
  • The addition of countertops to kitchens and other areas throughout your home
  • Adding trims and flourishes to doors, as well as windows

Choosing A Finish Carpentry Professional

In the modern day, there is a significant number of businesses in every industry – and this includes many finish carpentry professionals who offer their services. To choose the right finish carpentry service provider, it’s crucial to ensure you closely examine the expertise and experience that each offers.

A professional service provider like JS Profinish offers you a selection of quality services that are great for times where you want to finish up the interior of your home. The company is run by Pablo, along with a team of master carpenters that are all licensed to provide services ranging from carpentry all the way to electrical and plumbing options. 


A professional and experienced finish carpenter can help to create that perfect finish on your floors, walls, and ceiling. They also help to improve the aesthetics of doors, windows, and several other elements to create your desired aesthetic. 


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