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Still looking for a sheetrock installer that you can trust in Ogden, Syracuse, Layton, and Bountiful area in Utah? No need to look further! We can do the job for you!
15 years of excellent work, that’s what you get when you hire us for your sheetrock installation needs. We are experts in providing a smooth finish where the joints of the different sheetrock sheets are found.

What is Sheetrock?

  • Many ask about the difference between sheetrock and drywall and are surprised to discover that sheetrock is a brand of drywall made by the US Gypsum Company.
  • When it comes to construction jargon, sheetrock and drywall are interchangeable.
  • This is similar to comparing “Band-Aid” and adhesive bandages, people use one term or the other but they mean the same thing.
  • The US Gypsum Sheetrock company has a range of walling products apart from drywall which includes heat resistant panels.

We are proud of our workmanship and expert installers.

If you have a walling project and you want an experienced crew to handle the job you won’t regret choosing us for the job.

We can assure you that your interior walls and ceilings will look like one smooth surface instead of individual panels put together.

It takes years of experience and expertise to get the job right and take note that hiring the cheapest drywall contractor available may not be the best decision. Who would want walls that are warped and panels showing?

Js ProFinish is a legit company with expert installers who have the experience to get the job done right the first time around. We are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind.

We also invest in training our staff on the latest developments in the industry and we apply what we’ve learned to every project that we get. Our team also uses the latest tools to make the job quick and efficient.

Go over our website and check out our Facebook page to see finished projects that we have documented on video and photos.




Our team will listen to your needs

We treat customers like our own family. We listen to your needs and leave you with work that will leave you satisfied.

Aside from our drywall and sheetrock services we also do carpentry, commercial and residential painting, and assembly of shelves and doors.

The best prices for Sheetrock services in Utah

A drywall project can be labor intensive and too technical for you so unless you are a professional installer with tons of experience then DIY is out of the question.

Our track record and years of experience speak for itself and the good news is we give the best prices in Ogden, Syracuse, Bountiful, and Layton areas, Utah.

High-quality finishing is our expertise, this can only be achieved when sheetrock is installed the right way. 

You can check out the reviews of satisfied customers on our Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit our website now. Our friendly staff are ready to take your call and will reply to any online inquiry regarding your sheetrock needs the soonest time possible.

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