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We are a high quality home renovation company to contact about carpentry services (framing and finishing), painting services, and sheetrock installation in the Ogden, Syracuse, Layton, and Bountiful area in Utah. Our approach is to provide high-quality materials and a wide selection of home improvement services including, but not limited to, sheetrock installation, drywall for your home renovation needs.


Our team has over 15 years of work experience, that’s what you get when you hire JS Profinish for your sheetrock installation needs. We are sheetrock installation in providing a smooth finish where the joints of the different sheetrock sheets are found. As an exceptional home renovation company that provides sheetrock services for commercial buildings. With competitive pricing and talented sheetrock installation services, JS Profinish will ensure your sheetrock installation has a smooth finish.


Drywall is a wall or ceiling panel that consists of gypsum plaster in between thick paper. Drywall panels are also known as gypsum board, plasterboard, wallboard, gyprock and sheetrock.  At JS Profinish, we are professional drywall contractors offering dependable drywall services and decorative wall and ceiling finishes at an affordable price.


Your cabinet may need fixing or a new staircase needs to be installed. Jobs like these are best left to the carpentry professionals. We are licensed experts and highly experienced carpenters able to provide a vast selection of carpentry services such as wood rot, water and ice damage, cabinet installation, wood paneling, and kitchen fixtures.

Also, there are two types of carpentry to be aware of for professionals. There is the framing and structure related to the walls, door frames, and window frames. The framing in residential homes typically consists of installing wood 2 x 4 for the structure and attaching of drywall to follow. 

Finishing carpentry is one of the final steps in the project. There is a need to install doors, shelves, baseboards, and casing in a room or throughout the home. Understanding the various material needs is a great help in the overall final appearance of a room or home.

Painting Services

Hiring a professional contractor for painting services is not as expensive as you think. What’s more expensive is hiring a cheap contractor or doing it yourself and making a lousy job that needs a redo. We provide interior and exterior painting services featuring a wide variety of brilliant colors designed to elevate a welcoming mood that leads to a happy, healthy feeling.

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