Drywall Services

JS Profinish provides a variety of drywall services including, but not limited to, drywall crack repair, drywall repair and painting, and drywall hole repair.

What is Drywall?

The ceilings and interior walls are most likely made of drywall if your house or commercial building was built in the last 50 years or so.

Drywall is a wall or ceiling panel that consists of gypsum plaster in between thick paper. Drywall panels are also known as gypsum board, plasterboard, wallboard, gyprock and sheetrock. 

Gypsum is a lightweight and sturdy rock that is ground into powder, the secret to a drywalls durability and versatility.

Drywalls come in various thicknesses but the standard is usually ½” thick and 4’ x 8’ in width. This standard sheet of drywall usually weighs around 50 pounds. JS Profinish is a professional drywall contractor offering dependable drywall services, drywall repair and painting finishes at a cost-effective price.

Advantages of Using Drywall

Drywall is now the wise choice over lath and plaster. Lath are thin and rough wood planks that are nailed to studs in ceilings and interior walls. Plaster was applied to make the walls smooth which takes weeks to finish.

Drywall, on the other hand, is among the most efficient and affordable construction materials in the world, can be installed in a day which results in lower labor cost and construction time.

Drywall has a fire retardant property that makes it burn slower than wood. One part of the drywall can be in flames while the opposite side of the sheet will remain at 220 degrees F for about 30 minutes, Fire-resistant drywall is thicker and larger than common sheets.

The fire-resistant properties of drywalls can help contain the spread of a blaze so people can have more time to evacuate safely when an emergency arises.

The sheets are extremely durable and only requires simple repairs when damaged. They can be patched up and they are good to go once more.

For commercial building applications, drywall is used to hide steel beams and is an inexpensive way to cover masonry walls above ceilings.

Different types of drywall feature moisture resistance and mould resistance. These are best installed for your kitchens and bathrooms where the panels are exposed to moisture all the time.

Acoustic drywalls are used for soundproofing certain rooms in your home or office space. High-density gypsum is used with a moisture-resistant coating for plaster wall patching, drywall crack repair, and drywall hole repair.

Why Choose Js Profinish for Drywall

Drywall installation, drywall crack repair, and drywall hole repair requires skill and experience to be done the right way. 

A drywalling service may cost a little more due to the work involved and you wouldn’t want bulges and rifts on your walls after paying the bill. 

The goal is to have a smooth and seamless wall and only a skilled drywall contractor like Js Pro Finish can accomplish for you. 

Our team of expert drywall installers and drywall repair licensed and insured so that they can give high-quality service. The insurance aspect is vital because it protects your home or office from any damage that might occur and potential lawsuits that may arise due to injury while on the job.

We only use the best and latest drywall tools that get the job done efficiently.

For a smooth and seamless finish to your drywall give us a call or send us a message on our website. We give free quotes for our services.

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