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Sherwin-Williams’ Top Paint Picks for 2021

Choosing the colors to paint your home may seem like just a minor decision, but color has a certain power that has the capacity to completely change the mood of a room. Picking the appropriate palette can bring a boring, lackluster room to life. And lately we’ve been spending more time in our rooms and in our homes than ever. If you feel like it is time to refresh, the color experts at Sherwin-William just released their 2021 paint color picks. 

Sherwin-Williams chose 40 colors that they found to be the most popular, they broke them up into four separate pallets under a theme that they entitled rhythm of color. An executive in the company said in a press release that the theme takes a dive into “where we’ve been to help inform where we’re going and to help us create the central hub that is so vital to our everyday living and working now.” 

Here is what they came up with.


Warm Colors 

This palette emphasizes peace and wellness with warm colors for a “Sanctuary” pallet. These colors are neutral and muted and include Pure White SW 7005 as well as Modern Gray 7632. These colors give off a calming sense that are layered with natural textures. They also advise those that are looking for a warm neutral color to consider the Oakmoss SW 6180 as well as the Canyon Clay SW 6054.

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Earthy, Rich Tones 

If you are in need of a natural earthy tone that brings about a modern bohemian look, look no further than the “Encounter” collection. This palette consists of a muted blue that goes by  Blustery Sky SW 9140. For more saturated hues that have an organic aesthetic, try the Reddened Earth SW 9140 as well as the Rosemary SW 6187. Some colors have the ability to remind one of a simpler time, Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026 can transport you back with its vintage style.

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Mid-Century Modern Hues 

These colors were inspired by the recent spike in interest of smart home technology. These colors are bright, punchy and cool neutrals. The lines that are the most popular begin with Limon Fresco SW 9030 and Novel Lilac SW 6836. If you are searching for more inky tones then we have the perfect match, Cyberspace SW 7076.

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