Custom Millwork

How a Professional Can Match the Original Character of Your Home with Custom Millwork

If you are a homeowner that is not an expert on replacing small pieces of casing or trim around windows or installing crown molding or even retrofitting lost baseboards, then you may want to consult a professional. To make matters more difficult, if you are updating an older home, you’ve probably encountered the issue of nothing being square. 

The first step to completing such tasks is to educate yourself about the role of building up profiles, trim work, and the right tools to use and when. When considering doing a project such as this yourself, you must first realize that from a practical standpoint, the addition of trim molding means switching services from two dimensions to three, this is the case when rooms are not perfectly square or flush. 

From the perspective of architecture, a wall should never be flat. A wall that is proportioned correctly should have the simple division with the proportions of a column: one with a base, plinth, wall fill, and crown. The job of finding material to replace the old is challenging when the irreplaceable piece has vanished. A house built back in 1900 will most likely come with baseboards that were cut 1” x 6” in stock material. Today, that 1” x 6” board that they used is now “3/4 x “5 1/2 inches. A cornice that is loaded with ogee shapes, bevels, and coves might have been milled from one single piece of wood. Or it may be composed of moldings built up to form the profile. This means you might discover that all of the composite hearts are the right size and scale and then install them in the correct order. 

When attempting to find the missing profile, you can try to copy it by using a contour gauge. Next, examine locations in your home that are out of the way and try to find matching millwork. Rummage through closets, in the attic, behind radiators, and anywhere else that is rarely seen. You might just find the exact and amount of trim that you need to make the repairs. Another option could be to attempt to match the molding with the new stock. Building supply stores generally have little half trim that will match older buildings in size and profile. If you are looking for more complex moldings, your only option might be to find a specialist that stocks hundreds of older profiles. 

For a seamless, professional look, consider hiring a professional carpenter to build your custom millwork. The experts at Js ProFinish have years of experience creating custom millwork to match the character of your home for an original finish. To schedule a consultation with our experts, contact us here. For more information on how to improve your home’s value, browse the Js ProFinish blog

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