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How to Choose the Best Drywall Installers in Utah

What Does a Drywall Installer Do?

Drywall is made of gypsum plaster panels sandwiched between heavy paper. They are also known as gypsum boards, sheetrock, plasterboard, and wallboard.

Drywall has changed the way walls and ceilings are covered. The job takes a fraction of the time compared to the traditional way that lathers and plasterers do.

A drywall installer will install the panels in your wall or ceiling during construction. 

Drywall Work

Drywall panels are popular materials used for interior wall coverings. They are used to hide insulation wires and plumbing.

They are good at dampening sound and have high fire resistance ratings. 

Sheetrock is a brand name of drywall that is known for its quality and durability.

Drywall work involves marking, measuring and cutting panels based on the design plans of the property.

Panels are fastened using glue, nails, and screws. Rough spots should be evened out and panels are matched all throughout the walls or ceiling.

Joints are sealed including the drywall panels. The final touch is sanding the joints and holes to make the drywall panels appear as one whole panel.

Learning Through Experience

Becoming a drywall installer doesn’t require any formal education or certification. Drywall hangers learn the job by becoming a helper for an experienced drywall specialist.

You start by observing how the work is done, carry materials for your mentor and clean up afterward.

Once you have learned the process, you are taught how to use the tools and install your first drywall. This is usually located in less obvious areas of the project like closets.

Two professional drywall installers can cover a 12 x 16-foot room in an hour. It takes practice and the right set of tools to do a job this quickly and correctly.

Speed is not the only factor here, as an expert installer you must make sure that you use screws that are the right length so they won’t make seams visible. You also need to take note of wires and pipes and avoid punctures or cutting from your installation.

Ceiling installation can’t be done alone, the drywall panels are quite heavy to lift. A drywall panel with ½ thickness can weigh up to 50 pounds

Choosing the Right Drywall Installer for Your Home

Drywall Installers Syracuse UT

Many homeowners believe that they can perform a DIY for their drywall projects. The truth is, a seemingly simple project takes skill, experience and the right tools to be done the right way.

Expect to do a ton of work that can be technical at times. If you have decided to hire a drywall installer you should be careful not to hire an inexperienced contractor that may give you the same results as your DIY.

Check Former Projects and Clients

It’s easy to see a perfectly installed drywall. The walls should be smooth and seamless. If you can’t tell where the joints of the different panels are located then the installer did an amazing job.

Check out the past projects of your potential drywall installer and look for a quality finish like we mentioned above. 

Proper installation means that the shaping, cutting, hanging, fastening, sealing, taping and joint compound coating were all done correctly.

The results will be evident once the panels are primed and painted.

Request for Credentials

A professional drywall installer with a good reputation will never fail to provide information that proves their credentials.

They can show documents that prove that they are certified, licensed and insured. 

Don’t just take their word, documents should be verified and updated.

Ask Questions

A reputable contractor will not evade any questions that you might ask them. Don’t hesitate to dig deep and ask about their methods, experience, credentials, permits, references, etc…

If they refuse to answer or they beat around the bush, it would be better if you moved on and look for another contractor.

Ask for References

A reliable drywall contractor can give you a list of references that can prove the quality of their work.

If they have years of experience in the industry then it’s automatic that they can show proof of loyal and satisfied customers.

Be wary of references who are not interested in giving information or give vague replies. These are red flags and it would be best if you moved on to your next choice for your drywall contractor.

References that are upbeat and excited when you mention the company should be a good sign that you are making the right choice. 

Why Choose Js ProFinish as Your Drywall Installer

Drywall installation requires skill and experience to be done correctly and get that seamless look.

A drywalling service may cause you to spend a little more due to the work and expertise involved.

As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want obvious bulges on your walls after paying a steep price to your Drywall Installers. 

The end result that everyone wants is to have a smooth and seamless wall where no bulges can be noticed.

Only a skilled drywall contractor like Js Pro Finish can accomplish this for you. 

15 years of experience on the job has given us the knowledge on how to install your drywall for that perfect finish. 

Our team of highly trained installers are licensed and insured so that they can give the service that you expect. 

Choosing a drywall installer with insurance coverage is important because it protects your home or office from any damage that might occur and potential lawsuits that may arise due to injury while on the job.

Js ProFinish only uses the best and latest drywall installation methods and equipment that can get the job done smoothly and efficiently.

For a smooth and seamless finish to your drywall give us a call or send us a message on our website. We would be glad to take your call.

You can also avail of our free quotes for our services. We also provide painting, sheetrock, and carpentry aside from our drywall services.

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