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5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Whether you want to incorporate energy saving features, update your décor, or make basic repairs, everything you do increases your home’s value and your enjoyment of your home. However, what kind of projects can we expect for the year 2022?

Here are some of the exciting projects that are gaining momentum for the new year.

  1. More Outdoor “Rooms” with Greater Specialization – Sheltering in place during the pandemic has made people want to get out of enclosed spaces and enjoy the great outdoors. Extended patios or decks with firepits and outdoor kitchens are great examples of this trend.
  2. Improved Use of All-Purpose or Mudrooms – To accommodate hectic schedules and busy mornings, many families are looking for ways to make their mud rooms more functional. Things like easy-to-clean vinyl flooring and space-saving storage spaces are just simple ways to upgrade your mudroom to fit your changing needs.
  3. Better Home Offices – Another change the pandemic brought was the increased number of people working from their homes. Projects you should consider for your home office include better cabinetry for storage, lighting changes, and new paint.
  4. More Windows – To combat that closed-in feeling, more people are adding windows and switching out conventional door materials for glass options to bring the outdoors inside the home. Skylights can also be nice additions in rooms that need more natural light.
  5. Better Color Schemes – You have probably spent more time in your home in the past two years than you ever did before. You may have noticed faded paint, scuffs or scratches in walls, and older color schemes. Brighten your home with whites, light grays, and pastel blues and greens.

Whatever home improvement project you decide to take on, look to the home renovation professionals for guidance and exceptional service. That DIY video may look easy, but once you get started, it is often a lot more difficult than described. When you are ready to plan your project, JS Profinish, an experienced carpentry and painting company staffed with home improvement professionals, can guide you through every step.


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