Finish Carpentry

What You Need to Know About Finish Carpentry

The majority of people understand finish carpentry as trim work inside of a new home. But finish carpentry can include all of the little details that go into a home after the sheathing, framing, plumbing, electrical, and insulation. This can even include things like installing the doors, flooring, trim work, and cabinets. Every single one of these jobs are different, and require a particular set of skills. 

Finish Carpentry Skills

Door Fitting: Homes come in all different shapes and sizes and even if the doors of your home are built by a factory, fitting them perfectly so they swing and latch easily takes a lot of patience and skill. Carpenters that primarily work on the interior of the house use sharp gouges and chisels that are used to make carvings of shallow pockets for the door’s hinges. Another task that is much harder than it looks is lining up the latch perfectly with the strike plate. Installing interior doors is just one example of when finish carpentry can be a difficult, but necessary skill to give your home the attention to detail it needs. 

Cabinet Installation: While cabinet installation is difficult, most installers do not actually make the cabinets, generally that is outsourced to another company. But this does not take away from how difficult the installation process can be. This means that you must know how to find the studs in a wall to ensure that the mounting is secure. These installers might also have to apply a finish to the cabinets after the installation has been completed.

Floor Installation: This is yet another example of a project that may seem simple, but in fact can be tedious. Whether it is hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring, delicate care must be taken if one is working near and around obstacles. It is not professional to leave even a scuff on a wall of the homeowner. If the home is not completely square this adds a whole other element to the difficulty of laying an aesthetically pleasing floor.

Carpentry Tools

Most homeowners might not realize that finish contractors often cost more than a general carpenter on an hourly basis because of the large array of tools they use. For example, table saws and planes are used frequently and are both pricey tools to acquire. 

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