Rental Housing Investment

Reasons to Protect Your Rental Housing Investment With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Should Landlords Paint Their Apartment Complexes?

Upkeep on an apartment complex is expensive. It may seem like it is taking away from your profit margin. However, there are many ways that painting your apartment complex puts money into your pocket rather than taking it out.

Attract New Renters

Everyone wants to live in the best-looking building. Therefore, painting your apartment complex helps you attract new renters. This can be especially beneficial if you have trouble convincing renters to move to your complex because it is an older unit. Giving it a fresh coat of paint makes it look new again, so more renters may consider it the perfect place to live.

Retain Existing Renters

At the same time, a fresh coat of paint shows your current renters that you care about your property and their residence. This can encourage them to stay in their units instead of moving. Then, you won’t have the expenses of preparing a unit for new renters. Property experts say that the two most essential factors in renter retention are curb appeal and property refreshes.

Renters may start taking better care of their units when you show that you are doing your part by painting the exterior and common areas. This often means that you have fewer or less important repairs to make if renters decide to move.

Lower Energy Bills

When you hire commercial painting services, one of the first things they can do is caulk around gaps in the building, especially around windows. Your tenants are likely to thank you because their energy bills will go down. Additionally, you will notice a difference in the energy bills you pay to heat and cool common areas.

Spot Problems While They Are Small

One of the advantages of painting your apartment building is that it is easy for the painter to make note of minor repairs that need to be completed. As you know, it is less expensive to take care of problems when they are small. So, it is beneficial to have your building painted because otherwise, you may never have noticed the problem to begin with.

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