Exterior Paint Palette

How to Pick Your Exterior Paint Palette

Selecting the color of paint you’d like for your home is an important decision. When you paint your living room a hot pink, you’re only doing yourself and the inhabitants of your home a disservice. Whereas, when you paint the outside of your house the same color, it can throw off the look of your community and make your neighbors less than thrilled. You must also keep in mind that other factors could help you determine which hue to choose, such as landscaping and roofing. Here are some tips that will help you pick an exterior paint color you won’t regret. 

  1. Make your plans around elements that are difficult to alter.

    Surfaces such as tiles or shingles, driveways or stonework should remain untouched to save you time and money. Search for undertones throughout the exterior of your home. Are they more of a cool color like blue or gray, or are they warmer like beige and brown? These are things to consider that will tie all of the elements together. 

  2. Consider the style and era of your house.

    Homes come in all shapes and sizes. From a Craftsman Bungalow to a Queen Anne Victorian, the paint you choose to paint your home’s exterior should coincide with the style or era of the home. Various manufacturing companies actually offer the service of giving you some compatible colors to choose from that will look like they belong. If you are still uncertain of the best color, perhaps it would be wise to contact a color consultant. 

  3. What kind of aesthetic are you looking for?

    A house has a distinct relationship with its surroundings, whether it be the landscaping or the other home’s on the street. Is it sitting in a grove of trees? Is it near the road or further away? You could even select a more vibrant color to stand out from the other homes on the block. Before a color is chosen, the homeowner must first decide the overall look they are visualizing and how it fits into its surroundings. 

  4. Give yourself some options.

    The average home has multiple colors that play off of each other. You can’t just randomly pick three colors, they need to be complementary. Usually there is a dominant color, an accent color, and then the color of the trim. If the main paint color is a darker hue, then you must select a trim color that is lighter to make it pop. 

Js ProFinish offers custom exterior painting services designed to make your home look like new. If you plan to stick with the old traditional look or switch to a more modern theme, our team can recommend the best paints and application techniques for you. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

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