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How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Business

Your business is so much more than who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Your business depends on your reputation and even more so, what potential customers see when they look at your business. We’re not just talking about your marketing, we’re talking about the building, the front entrance, and other exterior and interior elements that will either attract or repel customers.

There really is a psychology behind the use of color in store design and advertising. Did you know that 93 percent of customers make purchasing decisions based on the visual appearance of a store? Between 62 percent and 90 percent of your customers’ first impressions are based on the colors they see and 52 percent won’t return if they don’t like them. Even when it comes to advertising, customers read color ads 42 percent more than black and white ads. It becomes vital to find a talented, experienced commercial painting company that can evaluate your space, help you choose the right base and accent colors, and make the vision happen.

Choosing colors might be dependent upon your brand. This may vary if you own a franchise business or if the decisions are entirely up to you. If you find yourself faced with making these decisions, here are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. What type of business do you own? Office buildings typically require colors that invoke seriousness and professionalism while restaurants, bakeries, and boutiques have a lot more latitude to include personality in the color schemes.
  2. Who is your customer? Demographic studies show that older consumers are attracted to neutral, softer colors while younger customers prefer more bold and bright colors. You can also use basic concepts about how color makes people feel. For example, blue makes people feel calm and peaceful and might be ideal for a furniture store or a pet store that sells fish and aquariums.
  3. Where is your store located? Will a bright color scheme look out of place compared to the surrounding buildings? Will highlighted architectural elements give your building the edge it needs?
  4. Can the colors improve the energy efficiency of your building? Color doesn’t need to be strictly aesthetic. It can also absorb heat in colder climates or remain cooler in hotter regions.
  5. How large is the building? If the building is very large, you will want your color scheme to create a welcoming ambience rather than being overwhelming.
  6. Does your building lend itself to a particular style? Accentuating Victorian or Craftsman elements of a building will generate interest and make your business look charming, thoughtful, and attractive.

A high-quality painting company like JS ProFinish can guide you through every step in the process. Licensed and insured, we provide expert painting and finishing services as well as drywall repair. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a free estimate.

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