Drywall vs. Sheetrock: What's the Difference?

Drywall vs. Sheetrock: What’s the Difference?

Are Drywall and Sheetrock the Same Thing?

People often ask our team at JS Profinish whether they should use drywall or sheetrock. The question is related to some confusion that people have about the difference between drywall and sheetrock. Below we will highlight the differences and highlight each product’s features and best uses.

Is There a Difference Between Sheetrock and Drywall Installation?

Sheetrock is the name brand of a type of drywall. The US Gypsum Company has registered sheetrock. They can patent this product because they have added some chemicals that make it different from traditional drywall. However, outside of these minor differences, drywall and sheetrock are pretty much the same thing.

The process for sheetrock and drywall installation is the same. Both products can be used in construction on walls and ceilings. That being said, not all drywall is the same. Some have chemicals and other components that may not make them the safest to use in specific environments.

What Is Drywall Made of?

Drywall has a center made of gypsum plaster. On each side of the plaster is thick paper. Drywall is used in construction for ceilings and walls as opposed to using traditional lath and plaster.

Is All Drywall the Same?

No. Drywall comes in multiple types. You can find a one-quarter-inch panel and panels that go up to three-quarter inches in thickness. 

Greenboard has an oil-based additive and green paper. It is used in environments that require additional moisture resistance. Blueboard is sheetrock with blue paper. It is infused with additives to make it mold and water-resistant. Other kinds of drywall have additional additives to increase fire resistance.

For people working in recording studios, soundproof drywall has dampening polymers, which lower sound transmission. In medical environments, the drywall may be lined with lead if it is used around equipment that transmits radiation.

Both sheetrock and drywall are workhorses in the residential and commercial construction environment. Contact us to learn more about our professional drywall services.

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